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#13 VERTIGO : Marcel Duchamp and Mark Titchner

Curated by Donald Smith

21.03.07 - 28.04.07

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Preparing the exhibition

Installation views


Installation views


Installation view

Installation view




Mark Titchner  UR TEXT 2006 mixed media



UR TEXT close up

Mark Titchner  UR TEXT (close up)



UR TEXT  movie © Jon Smith




Marcel Duchamp Rotoreliefs



Rotoreliefs close up

Marcel Duchamp Rotoreliefs (close up)




Vertigo Vinyl record with logo



Mark Titchner DVD

Mark Titchner Artist's Studio DVD



Plans for Dreamachine

Plans for Brion Gysin's Dreamachine



Mark Titchner looking at the  space

Mark Titchner looking at the space



photography © Shoko Maeda, Donald Smith