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The working practices of Barney Bubbles

curated by Paul Gorman

14.09.10 – 23.10.10

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List of works


List of works (PDF)

Biography of Barney Bubbles (PDF)


List of Works:


Music press advertisements
Selection pasted onto plywood (1973-1983)

Always Better With You – Paul Carrack (Epic 1982)
Clubland – Elvis Costello & The Attractions (F-Beat 1980)
Darling, Let’s Have Another Baby – Johnny Moped (Chiswick Records 1978)
Ghost Town – The Specials (2-Tone/Chrysalis 1981)
I Need You - Paul Carrack (Epic 1981)
Incendiary Device – Johnny Moped (Chiswick Records 1978)
Is That Love – Squeeze (A&M 1981)
The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum – Fun Boy Three (Chrysalis 1981)
New Lace Sleeves – Elvis Costello & The Attractions (F-Beat 1981)
Tempted – Squeeze (A&M 1981)

24 variations of sleeve for Do It Yourself, Ian Dury & The Blockheads (Stiff Records 1979)
Back cover, Ersatz, The Imperial Pompadours (Pompadour 1982)
Front cover, Musical Shapes, Carlene Carter (F-Beat, 1980)
Front cover, Seconds Of Pleasure, Rockpile (F-Beat 1980)
Sheepskin rug with design panel from front cover of Brewing Up With Billy Bragg (244cm x 76cm 1984)
Badges, various sizes (1971-1983)
Stickers, various sizes (1972-1983)
7” singles with various label (1977-1983)
Press release, Chilli Willi And The Red Hot Peppers (folded paper 1974)
Promotional postcards (various artists 1974-1983)

Magazine + book designs
© 1978 (with Brian Griffin, 1978)
Hankie Pantie (UK tour programme 1978)
Hawkwind (UK tour programme 1974)
The Ian Dury Songbook (Wise Publications 1979)
Friends (1970)
John Cooper Clarke Directory (Omnibus 1979)
Let It Rock January 1975 (redesign, first issue)
Lives: An exhibition of artists whose work is based on other people’s lives (Hayward Gallery catalogue 1979)
New Musical Express, October 7 1978 (redesign, first issue)
Nova (art directed, with David Wills 1967)
Paul Carrack Songbook Suburban Voodoo (Warner Bros 1983)
Y Paint your Windows White (with Brian Griffin, 1983)


Finished artwork
Card and paperboard sleeves laminated and printed for single, double and triple albums (12” x 12”, 12” gatefold and 24i” x 36”), card and paper sleeves for singles (7”), cassette covers, inserts, point-of-sale material, posters (various sizes), record labels, vinyl retail display (1968-1983)

Chuck Berry
Wall-mounted adjustable sculpture, private commission (paint, plywood, rope 1982)

Pink plinth
Cut-outs for model duck-walk mobile (poster paints on card 1982)


Selection, various sizes (pen and ink, Letraset on card, paperboard, and paper 1980-1983)

Photo magnetic transfers
Selection of PMTs for preparatory artwork (1973-1983)

Selection of working proofs, some with corrections (1974-1983); artwork, paint on paper, You Really Got To Me, Mercy Ray (Charisma 1983)

Paste-up artwork
Selection: card, crayon, ink, overlays, paper, paperboard, pencil, PMTs, tracing paper (1979-1983)

Pink trestle table
Artwork, alphabet for NME Book Of Modern Music, pen and ink on card (16.5 x 78.7cm)
The NME Book Of Modern Music (IPC 1978)
Ian Dury, Paul Street, London EC1 (polaroid, 1979)
National Enterprise, Ernest Davis (Left Book Club, 1946)
Meet Yourself As You Really Are, William Gerhardie, Prince Rupert Loewenstein (Penguin, 1962. Cover design, Michael Tucker)
Spontaneous Ltd (letterhead, A4, 1982)
Nick Lowe (letterhead, A4, 1982)
Cow Gum tin
Photographs x 3 of Barney Bubbles and colleagues at play, studio, Paul Street, London EC1
Rolaflex advert, Arts Menagers, January 1960
Stiff record envelope (cardboard, 12” sq)
Letter from Uwe Tessow, Line Records (1983)
Tearsheet, Gramaphone magazine, 60s.
Sketch for ident, You Really Got To Me, Mercy Ray, 1983.
Passport photo, 1968
Selected books, magazines and equipment from Barney Bubbles’ library:
Graphic Design: Visual Comparisons, Alan Fletcher, Colin Forbes, Bob Gill (Studio Books, 1963)
Illustration: Aspects & Directions, Bob Gill, John Lewis (Studio Paperbacks, 1964)
Liberation: Un Regard Sur Le Monde (Bazooka, January 1978)
Maiakovsky: 20 ans de travail, Marie Laure Antelme (Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris, 1975)
Mayakovsky: 20 Years Of Work, an exhibition from the state museum of Literatre, Moscow, David Elliott, David King (Museum Of Modern Art, Oxford, 1982)
Alexander Rodchenko, David Elliott, David King (Museum Of Modern Art, Oxford, 1979)
Rotring pens, cartridges, Kern & Co equipment case.

Yellow trestle table
Artwork proposal, Twangin..., Dave Edmunds (24in x 30in CHECK MEASUREMENT pencil, pen, ink, poster paint, tracing paper, 1981)
Front cover ideas, Punch The Clock, Elvis Costello And The Attractions (pen, ink, paper 1983)
Sleeve ideas for Cats & Dogs, Elvis Costello And The Attractions (pen, ink, paper, released as Trust, 1981)
Roughs for Don’t Join! music press advert, Elvis Costello And The Attractions (pen, ink, paper, 1979)
Letter to Lorry Sartorio with instructions for photoshoot (pencil, paper 1964)
4 x contacts of Lorry Sartorio (1964)
3 x proposals for redesign of Let It Rock (pencil, paper – inc Fred Fulcher letterhead – 1974)

Blue trestle table
Portrait of girl facing musings on artistic direction (student sketchbook, London 1962/4)
Miss Stacia (blue letterhead for Stacia Blake, 14, early 70s)
Teenburger Designs (studio letterhead 1969)
Strongbow lid (plastic, HP Bulmer, mid 60s)
Sketches and detailed resume/instructions for household items (sketchbook, Ireland/London 1974-5)
3 x sketches for Justin de Blank provisions/restaurant company (pen, ink, 1968)
Self portrait London (pen, ink, sketchbook, London 1963-5)
Sleeve for disc containing merry Xmas message to friends and family (7” paper, 1966)
Ticket in Cyrillic script for concert by the Muleskinners (1963)
Ticket for concert by Rod Stewart and Brian Auger’s Trinity (1965)
Photobooth self-portrait, mid 60s
Portrait for ‘Rockers & Mods’ project. Pen, ink, watercolours. 14” x 10”. 1964.
Portrait for ‘Rockers & Mods’ project. Pen, ink, watercolours. 10” x 9”
Self portrait in cap (sketchbook London 1964-68)

Yellow plinth
Proof, sleeve Punch The Clock, Elvis Costello & the Attractions (14” x 26”, not released in this version, 1983)

Pink plinth
Artwork proposal for The Damned’s debut album (7” x 14”, pen and ink on paper, 1977)
Limited edition version of Damned Damned Damned by The Damned, sealed with red ‘food-fight’ sticker on front, deliberate printing error of Eddie & the hot Rods ‘doing the rat’ on back (12” sleeve, Stiff Records 1977)

Blue plinth
Paste-up artwork with overlays for 4000 Weeks Holiday by Ian Dury (14” x 26”, not released in this version, 1983)